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Changes to the Skilled Occupations Lists

The Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) updated a number of the skilled occupations lists over the weekend.

The COMPETE LISTS and explanations about the new additions and removals can be found here:

Here is a summary of just some of the changes:

Occupations Added to the MLTSSL

These 8 occupations were added to the MLTSSL Subclass 186 – Employer Occupation List:

i. arts administrator or manager (ANZSCO code 139911)

ii. dancer or choreographer (ANZSCO code 211112)

iii. music director (ANZSCO code 211212)

iv. artistic director (ANZSCO code 212111)

v. telecommunications network planner (ANZSCO code 313213)

vi. pressure welder (ANZSCO code 322312)

vii. tennis coach (ANZSCO code 452316)

viii. footballer (ANZSCO code 452411)

These occupations were added to the Subclass 189/190 – Skilled Occupation List:

Arts Administrator or Manager (ANZSCO code 139911)

Dancer or Choreographer (ANZSCO code 211112)

Music Director (ANZSCO code 211212)

Artistic Director (ANZSCO code 212111)

Tennis Coach (ANZSCO code 452316)

These occupations were removed from the Subclass 189/190 – Skilled Occupation List:

Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals (ANZSCO code 211499)

Textile, Clothing and Footwear Mechanic (ANZSCO code 323215)

Watch and Clock Maker and Repairer (ANZSCO code 323316)

Chemical Plant Operator (ANZSCO code 399211)

Library Technician (ANZSCO code 399312)

New Condition added to these occupations:

For these occupations a condition has been added that requires that a current health workforce certificate must be presented to the Department of Home Affairs with the nomination for that position (the nomination is submitted by the employer) will not be accepted. A health workforce certificate sets out the name and date of birth of a nominee, the position that the certificate relates to, and the location of the position:

general practitioner (ANZSCO code 253111)

medical practitioners (nec) (ANZSCO code 253999)

resident medical officer (ANZSCO code 253112)

A caveat has been introduced that for the occupation of footballer (ANZSCO code 452411) which is now listed in the MLTSSL that that position has a nominated annual earnings of no less than AUD120,000.

Subclass 407 - Training Visa - Skilled Occupation List

Some 27 occupations have been removed from STSOL including:

aquaculture farmer (ANZSCO code 121111);

cotton grower (ANZSCO code 121211);

fruit or nut grower (ANZSCO 121213);

grain, oilseed or pasture grower (Aus)/field crop grower (NZ) (ANZSCO code 121214);

mixed crop farmer (ANZSCO code 121216);

Other Lists:

The regional occupation list and the TSS list (shot term employer sponsored) lists have also been updated.

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