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Expression of Interest (EOI) Checking Service

You cannot apply for a Skilled Australian Visa unless you first submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). This is done via the Department of Home Affair's automated system. 


That system is not in any way personalised. It is an automated and algorithm based system. There is nobody on the other side checking the information that you input. This means that once you submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) you are tied to the information you have provided and the way you have counted your points.  So any mistakes you make in your EOI may jeopardise your visa application.


For example, if you have not counted your points correctly then your application will fail and you will lose all of your visa application fee. (The Department of Home Affairs does not issue refunds, not even if you have made an honest mistake.)


To avoid making mistakes, to avoid losing your visa application fee, and to get peace of mind, you can have your EOI checked by a professional with years of experience of submitting EOIs.

We will check over your prepared EOI and we will provide a detailed outline of any issues we identify in your EOI so that you can make amendments before it is too late. 

Purchase our Australian Expression of Interest Checking Service now by completing the form below.

Price: £ 150.00

We will email you within 24 hours to confirm your payment and to ask for documents and a copy of your EOI.

Please fill in the form below (it may take a second or two to load) to submit your request. You will be redirected to the payment screen following your submission.


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